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Three Tips For Packing Clothing For A Move

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Packing your possessions for a new move can be a very labor-intensive task, and it might be something that you have little experience doing. This can cause you to make some simple mistakes during the process. In particular, it can be common for individuals to make mistakes when it comes to packing their clothes. To help you avoid this mistake, you should keep the following few tips in mind. Fill The Drawers There are some individuals that might assume they should remove any clothing from the dresser drawers. While this may seem like it would make sense, it should be noted that it can be easier and more space efficient to fill the drawers with clothes. When doing this, you will want to remove the drawers from the dresser and fold your clothing as tightly as possible before placing it in the drawer. Once you have filled the drawer, you should wrap the drawer in plastic wrap to help prevent the clothing from falling out. Use Vacuum Compression Bags For items that can not fit in the drawers, you should consider investing in vacuum compression bags. These bags are made of a thick plastic with a valve that can attach to a vacuum. When you attach a vacuum of this valve and turn it on, the air inside the  bag will be removed, which will compress the clothing. While these bags may seem somewhat expensive, the can dramatically reduce the amount of space that will be needed to pack your clothing. Leave Out A Change Of Clothes During the packing process, some people will make the mistake of packing all of their clothing. However, the process of loading and unloading your possessions can cause you to become extremely sweaty or you may spill substances on your clothing. By leaving out a change of clothes, you will be able to change into clean clothing for the ride in the moving truck, which can be especially important during moves that will require a lengthy truck ride. Preparing your clothing for a move can see like an intimidating task, and this can be especially true for those with large wardrobes. To help you avoid making some simple oversights, you should make sure that you fill your dresser drawers before the move, invest in compression bags and leave out a change of clothing for your ride. Using these simple steps can help this part of your move go as smoothly as possible. For residential movers, contact a moving company such as Midway Moving &...

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Helping Your Senior Parents Move? Keep Them From Overworking Themselves

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Moving is easy when you are a young adult, but it gets harder as you age. So, when your senior parents are planning to move out of their home, you should offer to help them throughout the process. The last thing you want is your parents aggravating a previous injury or creating an entirely new one. Be a Major Part in the Packing Process The most important part of the move that you want to be involved in is the packing. When people split the work between themselves and professional movers, they are most likely to do the packing. So, you want to start helping them out with this portion as soon as you find out about their move. You cannot force your parents to do anything, so your main goal is to influence them to keep them from overworking. Create an Easy Timeline to Follow If your parents have a lot of spare time on their hands, they may get ahead of themselves with working. So, you should create a timeline for them that all of you can follow. This will help you maintain a normal schedule with your own life, while also being able to help your parents at the right times. The first thing on the list is to create a packing list that you and your parents can use throughout the packing process. Give Them Specific Duties It is important to separate what your parents should be responsible for doing. You can give them specific tasks such as going through their clothes, especially those that are not in season. Ideally, you want to make it clear that you will help out with heavy furniture, electronics, and going through the attic. Hire Movers to Handle Heavy Work If you are able to help out enough, you may not need to hire movers to load the moving truck and deliver your parents’ possessions to their new home. But, if they are moving far away from where you live, you should at least organize professional movers to help with the unloading process. This will prevent your parents from attempting to unload a bunch of heavy boxes and furniture on their own. Also, make sure your parents have an essentials box for getting by without their other possessions for a day or two. Getting very involved with your parents’ move is the easiest way to keep them safe and healthy. Contact a company like Quality Movers for more...

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Avoiding A Box Full Of Pieces – Packaging Fine China Properly

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If you need to move a set of fine china dinnerware from one location to another, you will want to take steps to ensure its safety. Failing to package up breakables properly can leave you with a mess to clean up and several dollars in lost items, as well as memories that may have been attached to the belongings. Because of this risk, taking extra time in packaging properly will help give you the peace of mind that your items have arrived in one piece. Here are some tips you can use when packaging fine china for transport. Select The Right Enclosure The type of moving method will have an impact on the enclosure you should select. If you are shipping your china through a shipping service, you will need to use a heavy-duty cardboard box with thick corrugation. Make sure the box you select is new. Purchasing a new box that you can assemble yourself is best. Old cardboard boxes can have significant wear between the layers of corrugation, making the box flimsy as a result.  If you are going to use a moving service or you are transporting the china on your own, you have the option to use a plastic storage container as an alternative to a box. This will keep your china protected from other items pushing into the container. A box can still be used if steps are taken to cushion the items properly. Add Some Cushioning When preparing fine china for packaging, each dish should have its own piece of protective cushioning. Bubble wrap works best at protecting dishes. Unroll a piece of bubble wrap and center a dish upon it. Cut the bubble wrap if needed. Fold the edges toward the middle of the dish and tape together. Fold the other two edges toward the middle and tape to the bubble wrap. This can be continued for each piece in the set. Stack Items Properly Place a layer of thick cardboard along the bottom of the enclosure you have selected. This will give extra protection to the pieces inside. Place a dish upon this cardboard. Place another piece of cardboard over the dish. Continue by placing another dish over the cardboard. Alternate between dishes and cardboard until the enclosure is full. If there are different-sized dishes, put the larger ones toward the bottom of the stack. Fill the empty spots around the dishes with pieces of bubble wrap or packaging peanuts to help protect the pieces from impact.  Find out more about packing services by following this link or talking to moving companies in your...

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A Couple Of Your Concerns About Using Professional Moving Services Addressed

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Moving to a new home is a task that you will likely have to do several times throughout your life. Unfortunately, there are many people that may feel somewhat overwhelmed by all that needs to be done or they may simply be physically incapable of moving on their own. Professional movers can be the perfect service for these individuals, but professional moving companies are often poorly understood by customers. As a result, you may need to consider these two questions and answers in order to make a decision about whether these services are right for your next move.  Should You Automatically Choose The Movers With The Lowest Estimate? One of the first steps in hiring professional movers is to obtain quotes from several different providers to find one with the best price. However, there are some people that will automatically choose the provider with the lowest price, and this may not always be the best option. It should be noted that these estimates are not binding, and as a result, you should be skeptical of estimates that are drastically lower than the competitors.  Choosing a moving service is an important decision because they will be handling your most prized possessions. Therefore, you should carefully consider the amount of liability insurance they carry, the experience of the movers and their reputation. This will help ensure you choose a moving service that gives your confidence.  What Will Working With A Full-Service Moving Company Be Like? For those that are unable or unwilling to pack their possessions, a full-service moving provider may be the best solution. These companies will come to your home and pack all of your possessions before moving them. Typically, the packing process will take several hours to a day, but this will entirely depend on the amount of possessions you have and their packing needs. For example, your collection of antiques must be packed more carefully than a tool set, and this can greatly increase the amount of time it will take.  Luckily, your estimate will include the amount of time that the movers should take to pack your possessions. While overages are possible, most of these companies will be fairly accurate in their estimations, which can ensure that your move stays on schedule.  Working with professional movers, such as Redondo Van & Storage, can be an excellent option for those that are experiencing difficulties moving on their own. By understanding the importance of looking deeper than the cheapest quote when choosing a mover and what you should expect from having a full-service moving company pack your possessions, you should find deciding whether to use these services for your move to be...

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How To Cut Back On The Cost Of Moving To A Different State

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With the increase in the price of fuel over the last few years, the cost of moving to a new residence may be expensive. This is especially true if you are moving a long distance to a different state. While many moving companies do give discounts from time to time, you can also save money if you are better prepared for the move. These are some ways to cut back on the cost of moving to a different state. Take Only What You Really Need  It does not take long to accumulate a huge number of items that you really do not use very often. Chances are if you are not using these items in your current home, you may not use them at the new residence. Before you begin packing everything you own, go through and sort out things that are no longer necessary. This may include clothes that no longer fit, toys the kids do not play with or even furniture that has been stored away for some time. These items can be donated or even sold at a rummage sale which could give you a little extra money for the move. The less you have to move, the less time your move will take and the more money you can save. Choose the Best Time to Move  Moving companies are normally busiest during the beginning and end of every month. This is because rental leases often expire during this time and this often leaves many people moving to a new location.  The middle of the month is the best time to move. Some moving companies even offer special discounts during this time. Smart Packing  You can also save on the cost of moving by doing your own packing. You can purchase boxes from the moving company to do your packing and they will often buy them back from you once your move is complete. Boxes can also be obtained free from grocery stores, malls and some convenience stores as well. Be sure to label your boxes according to which room the items belong in. This can be done using a permanent marker or using color coded tape for each room. This will save time and money because your movers will not have to open the boxes to determine where your items should be placed. Insure Your Belongings  It is also a good idea to insure your belongings before the move begins. If anything becomes accidentally damaged during transportation, your insurance will pay the cost to repair or replace it. This insurance is usually very affordable and may also be included in your current homeowners insurance policy. By taking the time to plan your move, you can save a substantial amount of money and make the whole process less stressful. This can make getting settled into your new home even more enjoyable. Check out companies like United Moving and Storage for more...

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Home Sweet Stress: 5 Tips To Make Moving Less Stressful

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Moving to a new home can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Not only do you have to coordinate the logistics of the move, but you also have to deal with the emotions of it. Because moving can be an emotional time, you’ll want to simplify your moving process as much as possible. If you’re moving and are already dreading everything that comes with it, follow these five tips to make moving less stressful and help keep your sanity intact. 1. Set a packing quota. When you’re moving, there’s no doubt you’re going to have to spend your free time packing instead of having fun. One way to reduce the stress of packing is by setting a quota. Each day you dedicate to packing, decide at the beginning of the day how many boxes you’re going to pack up. Not only will this prevent you from tiring out, but it will make you more productive because you know you’re on the clock. 2. Utilize wardrobe boxes. Throwing all of your clothes into garbage bags might seem tempting, but it will only make for more work once you move into your new place. Most moving companies supply wardrobe boxes that have a rod to put your hangers on; this will save you time unpacking later on, and it will keep your clothes in better condition.  3. Avoid extra boxes where you can. Cardboard moving boxes are unavoidable when you’re moving, but you can eliminate the number of boxes you need by packing in items you already have, like plastic storage bins or suitcases. Packing some of your belongings in items that would need to be moved anyway allows you to kill two birds with one stone. It also avoids having so many boxes to get rid of once you’re in your new home. 4. Switch your utilities on your closing date. While this might seem like an obvious task, it’s an easy one to forget in the chaos of moving. Switching your utilities on the day you close not only eliminates the need to remember to do it later on, but it also gives the utility companies more time to troubleshoot any problems that might occur. 5. Bring essentials to your new home before the moving van gets there. If you’re within driving distance of your new home, bring some essentials, like pajamas and bathroom necessities, before all of your other stuff arrives. Having these essentials already there can make your new place feel like home, especially once all the chaos of the moving begins. Moving is definitely very emotional, but it doesn’t always have to be very stressful. Following these five tips will help you stay calmer through the moving process, and you’ll be you calling your new residence “home” before you know it. For more tips, contact a company like Wheaton World Wide...

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Home Office Packing Tips

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Making sure your home office is ready to go on moving day requires some planning. These four tips can help you pack up your office so it’s easy to move, whether you’re moving it yourself or bringing in professionals for the heavy lifting and transport. Tip #1: Backup and Record Chances are your computer and other tech equipment is your biggest concern when it comes to packing the office. Begin by backing up all files on your computer to an external hard drive or a cloud service. Although it’s unlikely that damage will occur, it is always safest to be prepared. Next, take a photograph of the back of your computer, printer, and any other peripherals. This will provide a priceless aid when it comes to plugging everything back in at your new place. You may also want to mark and record each cord to ease reassembly. Tip #2: Managing the Weight Books are often one of the heaviest and most cumbersome items to move. Keeping the boxes small is key to managing the weight. Use small, sturdy boxes and tape the bottoms well so they don’t give out. Then, pack books of similar size in each box to make filling them easier. It’s best to lay books flat in the box so the spines don’t break. There’s no need to wrap books, unless you have old volumes that you want to protect from damage. In this case, wrap each book with a sheet of acid-free paper to protect the pages from moisture and discoloration during the move. Tip #3: File Basics Many home offices depend on a file system to manage both business and home paperwork. Packing it correctly ensures your system doesn’t get skewed during the move. Extra large rubber bands make an excellent moving tool when it comes to keeping your files in order. Break the files up into chunks, perhaps two or three per drawer, and secure each chunk together by wrapping a rubber band around it tightly. You can then leave the files in the drawers, removing each drawer from the cabinet to move it, or you can transfer the files to a file box for moving. Tip #4: Some (Dis)assembly Required Most office furniture is modular, so it comes apart fairly easily. Disassembled furniture is also less likely to break, since it isn’t usually meant to be moved fully assembled. Take a picture of each piece before taking it apart so you have a rough visual to follow during reassembly. You may also want to mark pieces or screws with tape labels to aid reassembly later. Then, keep all hardware together in a small bag, labeled with the furniture piece it belongs to. Keep all the hardware for all the office furniture in one coffee can or box, labeled with the contents. To learn more, contact a moving company like Absolute Moving & Storage...

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Eco Friendly Moving Tips

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Are you worried about how your upcoming move is going to impact your environmental footprint? Although a move isn’t always the greenest thing, it is something you need to do occasionally. The following tips can help you lower your eco-impact, whether you are moving across town or across the country. Use What You Have Chances are you already have quite a few packing supplies on hand. Used cardboard boxes and many other everyday items will work well. Plastic storage tubs and crates, duffel bags and suitcases, and empty drawers all make suitable packing containers that won’t end up in a landfill. Repurpose anything you own that can hold stuff into a moving box. Empty trash cans are perfect for packing small or oddly-shaped items. You can pack your kitchen linens inside the otherwise empty microwave. Get creative so that no empty space is wasted. Reuse Boxes If you must use cardboard boxes, opt to reuse boxes from a business or someone else’s move. This way you aren’t responsible for the manufacturing of new materials to load up your move. Afterward, you can pass the boxes on to someone else that is moving, or you can recycle the boxes. If you must purchase boxes new, opt for those made from recycled materials. Another option is to look into box rental. Some moving and storage companies have reusable plastic totes that you can rent for your move. Lighten Your Load The fewer items you move, the fewer boxes you need and the less fuel you need to expend to tote the items to your new home. Purge thoroughly before your move. Many textiles, including clothing, shoes and books, can be donated to thrift stores. Find a textile recycler for especially worn out clothing or linens. Drop off old broken or outdated electronics at the local recycling center. Very few items have to go to the landfill if you take the time to connect with the proper recycling group. Travel Wisely It goes without saying that the fewer trips you make, the less fuel you consume. If you are renting your own truck for a local move, opt for one that is just the right size to move everything in a single trip. For longer moves, check out the eco-steps taken by several different moving companies. You can find movers that use green biodiesel trucks as opposed to those that run on fossil fuel. These companies will also use only green packing materials, including recycled or reusable boxes, if they are doing the packing and loading for you. For more information about eco-friendly moving options, contact companies like Route 37 Self-Storage and ask what steps they take to reduce the footprint of their...

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3 Creative Uses for Self Storage Units

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When most people think of self storage units, they tend to think of them as a place to store their belongings during a move. However, there are actually a wide variety of different things that self storage units can be used for. 1. Quiet Place to Read Perhaps you really enjoy reading but don’t have a quiet home environment in which you can really enjoy it. If so, renting a self storage unit is an excellent solution for this. You can set up a mini library by bringing a bunch of your favorite books there with you. You would most likely even have enough room for a nice, comfortable chair for you to sit in while you’re reading your books.  2. Art Studio Do you enjoy creating works of art but find it hard to fully immerse yourself in it due to various distractions at home? You can easily resolve this problem by turning a self storage unit into an art studio. Just move your easel, paint brushes, and other art supplies to the self storage unit and you can have a wonderful time creating various works of art there.  3. Band Practice  Having band practice at home or in a garage isn’t really ideal for a wide variety of different reasons. For one thing, it can be stressful having to worry that you might upset the neighbors by playing your music too loud. One major advantage of having band practice inside of a self storage unit is that you won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone. You and your bandmates can just feel free to rock out to your heart’s content. Another great thing about renting a self storage unit is that it’s a safe place to keep all of your band’s equipment right in one location. Whenever you and your bandmates are done practicing, you can just leave your equipment at the self storage unit. You will no longer have to be scrambling at the last minute before gigs to make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment with you. All you will need to do is make just one quick stop at the self storage unit to load all of your equipment into your vehicles.  In addition to the ideas that I provided, there are countless other creative uses for self storage units like Epic Group Inc. If you take just a short while to think about it, I’m sure that you could come up with some great ideas for them as...

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The First Steps To Follow When A Loved One Dies

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When a loved one passes, it can be hard knowing what to do next. There is a lot to think about as you go from the period of grieving to planning the funeral or memorial service. Here are some of the most important things to do after your loved one has died: Secure Their Property One thing people often forget to do shortly after a loved one dies is securing their property. If they lived alone, it is important that their property and all personal belongings are kept safe. They could potentially become a target to a dishonest individual, and that is the last thing you want to deal with at a difficult time. Check in on their home and check in on any pets they had, finding a temporary home for them. Water their plants, wash the dishes and pick up trash, and collect their mail and newspapers. Move their vehicle to a safe place if it is on the street and in the way of a street sweeper or garbage man. If the home will be vacant for a while, it is a good idea to shut off their water and electricity for the time being. Before you leave, lock all doors and windows. Store Their Items If you need to vacate the deceased’s home, such as due to renting an apartment or staying in a short-term location, store their items in a self-storage unit temporarily. This is the best option because you can keep all of their belongings together. Choose the largest size self-storage unit and get one that has climate control. This will allow all of their clothing, furniture, and personal effects to stay protected. Once you read the will and decide how to distribute their belongings, you can start pulling things from the storage unit. Notify Important People Make sure you contact all of the most important people when a loved one dies. Start with close relatives, such as siblings, parents, and children. After that, the deceased’s employer and landlord need to know that they have passed. Also contact their lawyer, as the lawyer might be able to provide information about a will or estate planning that they completed. This can give you more insight about what to do with their belongings, what type of funeral they wanted, and if they have planned or paid for any of their funeral arrangements yet. Start Funeral Planning The amount of time you wait before planning the funeral is up to you, but if you have family that live out-of-town, the sooner the better. Start talking to close family and friends to make a mutual decision about their funeral if they didn’t leave their wishes in the will. This can help you decide collectively if they should be buried or cremated, where the service should be held, and if you should have a wake and visitation. To learn more, contact a company like Stevens Creek Storage with any questions you...

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